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The importance of self-acceptance

" Change is possible, but it must start with self-acceptance." Self Acceptance is the conscious act of releasing self-judgment so that you can experience and live your entireness. The first step of accepting yourself is to stop comparing yourself to others. Try to be your own shoulder to lean on. If you treat yourself compassionately, you can see that all along you have been doing your best with what you have been given. Acceptance isn't stagnation, you will change no matter what. You can't avoid changing. But self-acceptance will change your life for good. Society expects us to be perfect and we tend to get ourselves fit those norms of society and in the meantime, we forget that every person has imperfections and flaws. Self-love is Self-acceptance. We need to accept who we are, identify our strengths in that, and let those strengths guide our growth as a person. "Don't look at yourself through their eyes, embrace all that is you through those pretty, dreamy eyes of yours."

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May 13, 2021

So true!!!


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