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The idea of love

Have you ever wondered? That you are in love with someone or you’re just in love with the idea of it? And if you’re thinking that these two things are the same, then I fear you’re wrong. Well, I know it’s a weird question, to begin with, but it’s the thing which you need to ask yourself before it gets too late and the water level starts rising, drowning both of you. Our generation has changed the idea of love. There had been a time. When words mattered. When uttering those three magical words, stole away people’s hearts. But, now, it’s all gone. That Magic. That sheer joy. It’s the coffee brown eyes that steal your heart away or the little gestures that go unnoticed by others that make you think twice, or the clichéd message that brings a smile to your face. Nothing is the same. You fall in love with the little things. But you don't fall in love with the person. Some might question me, saying, "It's the 21st century. No one follows what they used to, a decade back". But take a minute. Think about it. Wouldn't a cup of coffee and a conversation, make you feel happier than a message saying some lines straight out from Google? Wouldn't a walk in the sunset bring you closer, or wouldn't a peaceful conversation make you fall in love more honestly? It's love. Don't make it lose its value. Fall in love with the person, with their habits. Not just with the idea. Fall in love, without falling out of it.

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14 ביוני 2021

Soo true...


Meaning of love you explain... Ahh😍


Pick some words and hear them talk.

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