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The Generation Gap

The ages between parents and their children are often large enough that they experienced their most impressionable years during a different culture than each other. Adolescence is often the time when people are most influenced by the society around them, and as our world keeps developing and changing, things rarely stay the same, causing generation gaps between parents and their children. Due to the changes in society from when parents were growing up, to how it is in the time of their children, even their way of thinking and what they deem to be normal tends to be different. Comparing children to each other or even to how you were as a child. This often causes them to lose confidence in themselves. The way kids think is different from how parents do. The truth is, the world and way of life were different then than it is now and their mindset will be very different and can also be shocking for some parents. This is why keeping an open mind and not assuming that they must be just like you were at their age is very important. You must also understand that some things are acceptable in society and therefore acceptable to your child that may not have been acceptable for parents It’s in those areas where parents need to try and keep an open mind so they can better understand their children.

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