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The Evolution

We all know that changes happen around us and especially within us. Knowingly or unknowingly they do take place every day, bit by bit. Considering that this is an international women's day week, let's talk about the changes that took place fighting the injustice going on for ages.

Remember when "women are supposed to take care of the household" and "women should not talk back to men" were not just statements but norms. And now we see women actively taking part in debates and speeches given on international platforms sharing their opinions and ideas. When "Men are stronger than women," was so normalized that Jhansi ki Rani wiz Rani Laxmi Bai with her sharp-edged sword not only contributed to India's freedom but also slashed the chains for prejudice. Even the concept of "Your body is made for giving birth, and you're incomplete if you don't", is sort of open to ideas of adoption, surrogacy, and not having a baby at all. As a society, we have evolved a lot. Still, there are some or rather many who are still accustomed to their ancient beliefs but good things take the time I guess. All these changes didn't happen overnight, it took rebels and strong opposition. Now, women are seen in all sectors whether it's the army, sports, business, education, politics, science and technology, and whatnot. This is huge in itself but why to settle for anything that's less than what we can actually achieve.

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