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The Beauty of One-Sided Love

The beauty of one-sided love lies in the sweet pain on your lips when you smile in happiness. The little things give you so much joy as if you have got the moon. One smile, one message, or one handshake, feels like the best thing about your day. You start to take pride in the fact that your soul is still pure, despite staying around soulless people. Those deep breaths when you look at their picture, that shiver down your spine when your crush likes your picture, and that embarrassed smile when your friends tease you with that name makes life beautiful. And you get so nervous and terrified when you finally, somehow, end up hinting at your feelings. The suspense of “what the reaction will bekills you. It’s so cute when you end up saying a little prayer to God to bless you with someone you adore so much. But at the end of it all, one-sided love is how a little kid admires the moon in the sky, silently from a distance. The kid knows that they can never have the moon, but it still makes them happy. And that’s beautiful.

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