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The Art of Giving Back

Have you ever wondered why we get crowded by the feeling of overwhelmedness after helping someone? How we proudly narrate stories about instances where we did something for someone? We react this way because this feeling is foreign. The feeling of giving back and helping someone is foreign to us. We as humans are taught to put ourselves first, but we often confuse it with thinking only about ourselves. A wise man once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Helping others and giving back to society calms the mind, soul and is therapeutic. It has been proven in many pieces of research that when we help someone, we help ourselves in that process. How you may ask? When we step forward to lend a hand we shift our focus from our life to someone else’s, by doing so we put behind our stress and mental anguish. By providing others with the happiness they need, we sleep peacefully at night knowing we have served a purpose. There is no one way to give back, we can give back in monetary terms, advisory terms, in terms of lending a hand, or something as simple as a smile. If we can’t put a limit on receiving, how can we put a limit on giving? We tend to put the expectation of return over the joy of giving. Try helping someone once, trust me it’s addicting.

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