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A Splendid Sunset

I have always believed that each end is the beginning of something beautiful. When I think about this, I can easily resonate our lives with the sunset. As every day the sun disappears, it's a signal that there's going to be a new day, new hope, and new opportunities. Most of us like to visit sunset points and sit quietly to watch the sunset. When we think deeply about the sunset, we realize that there are many lessons to learn. In our lives, when something comes to the end, we feel sad, disappointed, and sometimes devastated too. But, I believe each end is going to bring some fresh start. We all must have faced some kind of ending in our lives. If we lose our job, we may get a new job with some more interesting salary, a supportive manager, and kind colleagues. If any relationship ends, there will be someone waiting to be with us and to hold our hand. With the last rays of the sun comes the realization that tomorrow is going to bring endless possibilities. Because what feels like an end is often the new beginning. So let us all learn from the sunset, that no matter what ends, there's always a bright beginning. We just need to be more hopeful and optimistic.

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