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Summer a season that is welcomed after cold deserted winter. Cold winds changes to that of warm breeze which seems to careers my cheeks filling my soul with love and abundance. The fuzzy feeling in the heart does the trick and one finds themselves enjoying cold ice cream under the scorching heat the satisfactory level is whole new mirth. The buzzing of cricket turns out to be our own melody which bursts out into millions of evocation of spirits. Under the shade of tree thousand dreams weaves some which want to be unleashed and some which desire to be found. The warmth of summer which I carry in my heart is confronting the cold invocations of pain and past. It is the light that will hold me to perceive my true desire and aspiration. The best gift of summer was memories of us which were my light that encouraged me to keep on going no matter what. A gift that would be cherished forever and it might waver but would never once be quench. No matter which season it is 'live the moment' cause once the moment passes it would never return maybe recreated but it won't feel the same.

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26. Mai 2021


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