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Stop judging a fish by its ability to fly

I am afraid. I'm genuinely sorry that I can't be like those kids that give up all their life to the top and get into top institutes. After getting a really good rank in 10th, people around me plaintively jumped to the conclusion of me becoming a doctor and getting married ignoring my dreams. By joining the coaching, I got exposed to the world of toxicity and negative competition that how a tag of life saviour doesn't matter but the place you do it from does. I selected the wrong field and when I couldn't do well, I was questioned, questioned about my life choices, my upbringing, my intelligence and most importantly being categorized as a FAILURE. My friends who took a year off suffered from mental health issues for being called a dropper but hats off to their determination that they knew how to rise up like a phoenix from ashes and that it's okay to fall back and rise up stronger and smarter. For me, I lost it. I lost myself in this labyrinth of being called out every time when I said my marks. But when we as a society will learn to accept that there's more to a child than their marks? That its okay if they fall back if that teaches them to stand up? Like the lotus, I took the light and grew up in the dirt, with the right help that looked beyond my grades, looked into my dreams and aspirations, where the real change this society needs. They told me it's okay to fail, learn, and try again. "Try and try till you succeed".

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Aug 29, 2022

This was needed. very much. proud✨


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