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Society Starts with You

It was last week, I was waiting for something we ordered, and there was a group of three friends beside us. I saw the two girls there smoking. The problem was not that. Why does it bother me if they want they will, of course, I didn't judge them for that. The problem was when one of the girls opened her handbag took two empty packs of cigarettes and threw them on the road. Not even in the dustbin near it. She was all dressed up in formals, looking all educated and civilized, and after what she did everything in vein. There's a idiom in gujarati, "ભણ્યા પણ ગણ્યા નહિ". It says that the person is literate but isn't educated. When we are asked to write an essay about cleanliness or hygiene, everyone will have ample ways and ideas but when it comes to implying in real life it's all just be in good books. What we think is what we do. She won't let her surroundings i.e her room or house be dirty but the streets don't bother her. There's a friend of mine whom I kind of doesn't like. To be honest, no one does due to some obvious reasons. When my group starts talking about her I try not to judge her because if I don't want that for myself then why should I do it to someone else. It's all how you perceive things, how you inculcate them. You can't just wake up one morning and decide to change the world. THE SOCIETY DOESN'T START WITH 'S' BUT 'YOU'.

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