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Small Changes

This category is all about how we can change ourselves for the better! But how some simple psychological or behavioral changes can do us good? Many people have asked me this and have told me it's ridiculous, "Small changes don't make difference, only big ones do!" These were the words used by some of our readers. Well, maybe they are right, maybe, they are not or, maybe, it's just situational. In my opinion, making small changes makes plenty of difference in someone's life. Let us take an example of unlearning things. Unlearning things is a small change but can have a great deal of impact if implemented on the right thing. Unlearning simply means discarding things we have already learned! So, if we can learn it, we can definitely unlearn it. Many studies have proven that unlearning is possible. Like most of us grew up hearing and learning sexist, racist, and homophobic things, but now, we have thought for ourselves and unlearned it. That's the power of unlearning and, I believe all the other "small changes" hold this power as well. Small changes over time can add up or if implemented in large quantities can make a huge difference. Simple small behavioral changes have invisible as well as invincible power. So "One Simple Change" I would suggest for today would be to open our minds and grasp some real good yet simple changes. Yeah, we were raised that way but, it is not an excuse to continue it or pass it on to coming generations!

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