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Shape your Own Life

When we won't be together, I won't stop believing in love or, my idea about love won't change. I will still be a hopeless Romantic. I will still think about having hot tea dates on the balcony every time it will rain, I will still think to fantasize about what it will be like to wake up beside someone I love, I will still wonder about how it will be like to flirt with you even when our children will be around. Ya ya, I know this all is extreme future. BUT MANIFESTATION IS REAL. Not just for love life. I see myself in a big fat house, as a businesswoman or whatever I dreamt for myself, having my own identity rather than asking someone to give me his. If I can't see myself accomplish all the goals I ever desired, how will I manage to go for it come what may happen? Of course, there have been days when I feel like 'noo bro, this ain't my cup of tea.' But then the real question is then what is? What if I fail in the latter why not focus on what I can do right now. The world is a reflection of our beliefs, energy, and actions. As the poet, Rumi said, “the world is like a mountain; your echo depends on you”. So choose for yourself. Whether to let people decide what you should do or do what your conscience wants.

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