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Selfless giving is the art of living

While destructing the lives and properties of humans, natural disasters cast their destructive shadow on other living creatures too. We report lost human lives due to earthquakes, cyclones, and other natural disasters in the news, but often forget to include helpless animals in it, but that doesn't mean they are not affected by it, they are overwhelmed by it as much as we are. While fire rampage wildly through a forest and destroy their whole neighborhood, ferocious water and wind destroy everything on their path and destroys many lives. The wildfire in Australia at the beginning of the year 2020 affected around 3 billion animals but on the bright side, many animals were also rescued by some of us, humans. The same thing is happening now in India, while people here are tackling the Tauktae cyclone, many animals went missing, and hundreds of them died in the state of Gujarat itself. While many rescue missions are ongoing for the search of both humans and animals, the real question is how can we help? By giving shelters to stray at your home when the rain and wind get wild, by providing them food as bad weather makes it much difficult to find something to feed on, by helping them to get free if they are stuck under fallen trees or poles or any other way you can. Every small bit of help can save a life. So let's have this Social Change and help not only humans but every creature in any way we can. Let's be human and show some humanity.

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