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Scintillating Sri Lanka

As an Indian, I've always felt more connected to Sri Lanka than any other neighboring country, the reason being that the place is connected to Lord Ram (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu). In Indian mythology, Lanka was made of Gold and was owned by Lord Shiva who later gave it to his devotee Ravan, a mighty warrior. However, a conflict arises between Lord Ram and Ravan because Ravan kidnapped Lord Ram's wife - Goddess Sita. Lord Ram marches to Lanka and wins Lanka defeating Ravan. It is said that Lanka was 7 seas away from Lord Ram's kingdom. However, Lord Ram built the Ram Setu (a bridge on the ocean to reach Lanka) from floating rocks which is till date present and known as Adam's bridge. Both Indians and Sri Lankans have faith in Ramayan which makes the two countries connected. Sri Lanka is widely known for its tropical cuisine, rich biodiversity, and its rich culture. It has many stunning historical sites, beautiful white sand beaches, and rainforests. Sri Lanka is often referred to as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. The best cinnamon is said to come from Sri Lanka. It has a literacy rate of 92% which makes it the most literate South Asian country. Sri Lanka accommodates a number of cultures and religions, Buddhism being the most popular one. Sri Lanka is very well ahead in art and music and the festivals here are a visual treat.

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