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Respect your Food

October is a month full of celebrations and one of them is food day. Food is a necessity to all... It's very important to celebrate it to know the actual importance of food. Having food is a basic human right. But wasting it should never be an option for someone. A question that I asked myself and surf for it for hours and that was WHY THERE IS A NEED OF CELEBRATING FOOD DAY. Aren't people aware of basic needs and necessities... And the main reason I found was to Raise awareness of issues behind poverty and hunger and ensure the need for food security and a nutritious diet for all. Freedom from want of food suitable and adequate for health and strength of all people. And 821 million people chronically undernourished 20 million infants are born each year, this is what made me sad. Having food is not now a necessity but a luxury you get. So rather than wasting food only take as much food that you can eat and you want to eat in your plate. If still some food is left, feed it to stray animals, or just use it as a composite. Wasting should not be an option! Food is life and life is important.

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