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Redefining Success

Have you ever seen a plant grow? The journey from a seed to a tree or a fruit? Between all the struggles for nutrition sunlight and water, there are millions of ways in which the growth can be obstructed-deforestation, animal gazing, getting plucked, flood, etc but it still grows without thinking about the water "I die tomorrow" thought. Most of us will agree to the fact that we don't have a choice to give up. But my question is then why do you think that a seed or sapling just dies or table to grow. If you don't have the willingness to survive your body gives eventually. I think the same is with plants. We are so busy these days thinking about the outcome that we don't think about the growth we will have during the process. Even the diamond is 'just' a form of carbon till not processed and polished. Honestly even I don't know if we are always supposed to choose the difficult road to get successful. But as far as I know, we need to work hard nevertheless of the road. Talking about success, it has a varied definition. You can be successful even if you always live a budget-friendly life just to save money. The criteria to "classify" people as successful or failure is a mere myth. If it matters to you, do it. There will be people who will talk at your back when you will have billions in your account and even when you take loans to fulfill your need.

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