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Redefining Social Work!!

What comes to your mind when you hear the words social work? Few people - who are distributing food, clothes, or some other stuff to poor people or probably some NGOs working in slum areas. Have you ever thought about what social work is? What does it mean exactly? Who is responsible for it? Having spent more than 10 years in this field, I have observed one thing in people about the concept of social work. They think that a person should have extra money, time, and resources to do social work. Well, let me introduce the real concept of social work. In simple words, social work means giving something back to society and working for the people in whatever way we can. So, social work doesn't relate to money, power, or resources. It is related to our willingness to do something for society and people. Also, it is not the responsibility of a particular person, organization, class, or group of people. It is the responsibility of every person who is capable of doing that. For example, if you are a dance teacher. You may be earning a good amount of money every month. In this scenario, you can definitely waive one month or a few month's fees of a student. If you are a businessman, you can surely give employment to the son or daughter of a peon or cleaning staff working in your office. Yes, you can do it anywhere, anytime, in all the possible ways. Because the joy of giving is always more than the joy of taking.

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