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Rainbow Diet

A healthy outside begins on the inside. Looking attractive, having clear skin is different than and looking healthy. Yet most of us work hard for our outer beauty. To look attractive, we use a variety of makeup brands. This beauty isn't going to last long. However, if we work to improve our inner health, it will undoubtedly reflect on our beauty. Food is indeed the primary source of survival for all living beings. However, most of us choose food that both looks and tastes good. We never consider the nutritional value of the food. And it harms our health as well as our appearance. According to a Lancet study in Economic times, poor diet is responsible for hundreds of deaths. We're all aware that vegetables are good for our health, but don't fill your plate entirely with green. To obtain all of the necessary nutrition for our bodies, the plate should be filled with RAINBOW COLOR. Folic acid, vitamins A and C, and fiber are all provided by the orange and yellow colors. Red gives you Vitamins A and C, Lycopene – which comes from tomatoes and protects your body's cells – and Potassium. Blue and purple provide anthocyanins, which protect our cells, as well as vitamin C and fiber. Fill your plate with color, and your life will be filled with color and better health.

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