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Close to nature, closer to life!

How much time in a day / year do you spend with nature? Believe me it's not that tough to inculcate some routine habits or plan vacations to gain exposure to natural places. Nature has a wide definition: it can mean green spaces like parks or forests, blue spaces like rivers, wetlands, beaches or canals and more over mountains etc. It also includes trees on urban streets, private gardens, indoor plants or window boxes. Nature includes all the animals, plants, and other things in the world that are not made by people. Nature has supreme healing power. When we’re stressed by the pressure of modern living, taking the dog for a walk, going for a jog or simply spending some time in the garden can help us unwind. Researchers are revealing through a variety of studies that nature can benefit us mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Spending time in nature can result in - restoration of mental energy, improved vision, better concentration, improved creativity, boosted immune system, lower blood pressure, activation of Vitamin-D and a lot more! Surprisingly, even watching documentaries of nature is good for our mental health. People with a great connection to nature are more likely to behave positively towards the environment, wildlife and habitat. We should all try to live more in nature. We should respect all our natural assets by not throwing garbage or using them wisely.

Life is bliss if spent close to nature!

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