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Norway - Home to Aurora lights

Earth is a place full of wonders! The seasons, the stars, the rivers, mountains and beaches, all add up to make it the alluring place it is. But when it comes to the northern lights, there's nothing more eye-pleasing than it! One such place where you can witness this scenic beauty is Norway. Encompassing mountains and glaciers and deep coastal inlets, nature in Norway is truly at its best! The capital of this country is Oslo which is famous for its breathtaking architecture, seafood and for being the home of the Nobel peace prize. Norway is considered the 8th happiest country to live in the world. An average Norwegian citizen lives up to 82 years, which is way more than the worldwide life expectancy which is 71 years. This is because the country hugely invests in the health of its citizens. Norway does exceptionally well when it comes to the economy due to its rich natural resources and well-educated labour force. Norway has one of the lowest crime rates in the world and attracts tourists for its beautiful fjords and glaciers, especially the Northern Lights, also referred to as Aurora Borealis. It has exceptional wildlife, awe-inspiring culture and heritage, and unforgettable rail journeys. One can find fresh seafood here along with other delicacies made of vegetables, meat and cheese.

Would you like to visit Norway?

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