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Prison food: Japan

When you think of prison food you don't think of delicious and healthy. Prisons in Japan may be unlike prisons in your home country. They are known to be very strict, to rehabilitate inmates and ensure they never commit a crime again. Japanese prisons follow very strict schedules. Inmates are only allowed to speak Japanese. Let's see what Japanese prison food looks like. Japanese believe in keeping their prisoners' healthy full course meal course. Incarcerated people in Japan eat whole-grain barley mixed with rice, a variety of low-fat vegetable dishes, miso soup, and nutrient-rich natural protein like whole grilled fish. Food is served to the general public just like any normal cafeteria. Rice boiled with barley, Fried fish (mackerel pike)Thinly sliced Japanese daikon radish “Harusame” noodle salad, Miso soup. There’s everything from your dietary fibers, to your daily intake of salt and carbohydrates. Admittedly, the food that real inmates eat is lacking in miso soup, carrying the dumbed-down coarse tea. However, this argument could be seen as a form of “punishment” for the prisoners. After all, for them, complimenting this all off with miso soup might just make offenders of the law a little too accustomed to that longed-for home-cooked flavor.

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