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Politeness or Presumption?

"How you treat people has more to do with you than the other person" and "you treat someone how you want to be treated"- these two statements for no reason feel so true. When you have felt a certain way or if someone made you feel awful, you tend to avoid making the other people feel that way. It's because we have experienced such situations and we are aware of how does it feel to be in that situation wiz empathy. We all fight battles we don’t talk about. Battles that cost us our mental peace and drain us out of every possible emotion. We cannot always be aware of what the other person is going through and even if we are then it’s not always possible to keep ourselves in their shoes and look into the matter from their perspective. Think about a child who has always been bullied or maybe made fun of because of their appearance. There are chances that they won't criticize or pull anyone's leg for the same. Whereas the other classmate was always admired and was looked upon because of their flawless appearance. We can't exactly ask the other one to understand the bullied child's trauma but to some level, we expect some kindness. What we can rather do or maybe should do is - Be a little more polite and keep that one step out of our assumptions and box to get what the other person wants to convey.

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