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Perfect Picture

Click click !! Now that is what I call a good picture my friend. Staring down at the picture I smiled. At the corner of the picture, a date was printed in red lines. I ran my fingers over it feeling cryptical. It was overwhelming to look at a light piece of paper that somehow felt heavy at that moment. While capturing the moment I had somewhere captured time too. That piece of paper wasn't only a picture it was present from my past. It's ironic how my present is named my past now. It's not just a picture it is much more than that. It holds the bright smile of people who are gone too soon. It is that key to the box of memories that have been buried under deep piles. I sighed loudly as I stare at pictures which makes me hear the voice of my fond ones in memory. I have always been skeptical about clicking pictures, but when I see them it makes me rethink my choice. A little bit of regrets here is a lesson for you. So click as many as you want and capture the wildness, madness along with everything you desire for. My dear, it's not only a picture it is the art of happiness, love, and pain. And remember there is never a good or bad picture it is always about our dear and loved ones. So be yourself and don't hesitate cause these are the very pictures you will be laughing hard at in near future.

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