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Nothing is ever Permanent

"It's over I guess. I mean the dark phase that was going on."There are days when we feel drowning as if the world was ending. And then there are days when you feel your life. You feel lively. "Coin has two sides," they say. Yes, it is a fact but what I prefer is to close my eyes resisting to see the dark side. Life doesn't work that way. Right? We can definitely change our perspective towards how we perceive things but that's not always applicable. Sometimes the loss we face or the circumstances we are in are horribly exceptional. IT FEELS LIKE DO OR DIE. People usually take this phase so seriously that they start thinking that dying will solve all of their problems. We get one life why not live it to the fullest rather than seeing death as a solution to end all the sufferings. There's a really good thing about nature. It teaches us everything but we just need to pay some attention. Have you ever seen an ocean? People throw waste in it but it never thought of giving up and losing their existence. It finds a place i.e a shore or piece of land and removes it out. We need to do the same. The garbage i.e the bad days in our life can be overcome with the help of a shore i.e our friends, peers, guide whomever you trust. All you need is some faith and hope. "NOTHING IS EVER PERMANENT. "AFTER EVERY NIGHT, THERE WILL BE A SUNRISE.

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Aug 26, 2021

So amazing!! It's always love to read your blogs. Keep it up girl!


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