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Not about love

Everyone has various definitions for these four letters word, L-O-V-E. Even I've spent these few years of my life figuring out its true definition. Why do most people try getting to the bottom of it? To know about showing love to the people that adore us. But in this occurrence, we forget about life which is more than just love. Our goals/ career, Our hobbies, Making new friends, Learning different lessons from different people, Do something that makes your nation proud, Use your money for good deeds. And many more. It's not only love that could give you happiness. See more, explore more you've got a life more than heartbreaks or companions/partners. Make an effort to turn yourself towards innovation. And believe me food, air, and water play a vital role in keeping you alive than love. You might have a different viewpoint but try observing life more than love. Your worth is more than pleading for love to someone while you can have a beautiful life ahead; all by loving yourself. Just become the love. Lastly, there is a beautiful quote by Amy Dumas that inspired me to think beyond love, "Sometimes There Are More Important Things In Life Than Being In The Ring, Like Family, Like Us, and Being In Love."

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