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Mysteries yet to be unveiled

"Are ghosts real?", This is probably the most debated topic and no doubt it is a controversial one. In my opinion, there might not be one specific or close-ended answer to it but there exist some positive and negative energies in the universe. Of course, not everyone will agree with what I believe in. Some people have other theories and perspectives that justify their understanding of the universe. For now, we that is humans think that we are the Supreme being on the planet and we can do, get, have whatever we want. Looking at the evolution of humans, there ain't any uncertainty about what we have achieved using our potential. But we are oblivious of the hidden treasures of nature. We don't know all of it. Do we? There's a lot of it that's yet to be discovered and no one is quite sure how much. We don't know about the mysteries at the very bottom of an ocean, the mysteries around the peaks of mountains, the mysteries far from the Milkyway, the mysteries of the soul that's in our very own body. Even the big bang is just our understanding. You can go on and on about things we are yet to know with a piece of firm evidence. Just because we don't know about things doesn't mean they don't exist. We don't own anything, we are the tenants living on Mother Earth. We make assumptions about things we don't have evidence for maybe sometimes we aren't ready for nature to unveil its mysteries.

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