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My new year's resolution

The 2022 year has ended and another year has started. Some of us have resolved to use this year to its fullest potential and to make it more productive. How can I not be a part of this resolution-making ritual?! So, my new year's resolution is to live in the present. This means neither worrying about the future nor about the past. I have been a big over-thinker for many years. As a result of which, I have always blamed myself for not using the opportunities that have come my way, not performing up to the mark, and so on. I also have had the tendency to think a lot about the possibilities of the future hence making my life more stressful. When the year 2022 ended, I sat in silence and spent some quality time with myself. I reflected on all the life events that happened in the year and realized that constantly thinking about the past and future has caused me anxiety. So I decided that the new year should be filled with the aim of living in the present moment only. I will persistently remind myself that I have no control over whatever is happening around me. Living in present will help me to accept myself the way I am and keep me calm. It will bring more happiness, joy and contentment into my life. And I guess this one simple change is all I want at this stage of my life. Let me know in the comment section what's your new year's resolution and also share your views on living in present.

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