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Mothers - our everyday heroes

The only day in your life... Your mother smiled when you cried. A definition of best mom includes a mother sacrificing for her child. Because we all have this huge delusion that sacrificing means love. A mother can never hate her or anyone's flesh of blood. So if she chooses herself somedays, doesn't mean she hates her kid. It is selfish to not respect her decisions. It's not only her duty to love, care and worry selflessly. My relationship with my mother is more like besties, like one n only true friends of my life. I had a bunch of friends with whom it didn't go well, I felt I'm totally alone which led me to doubt my self-worth. At that moment she was with me. She just asked one question which totally changed the way of my thinking. She said, "Is it more painful than you and I getting separated someday?" So from today let's have this little love change in ourselves towards our mothers. Let's celebrate mother's day every day and make mothers happy every day. As Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said "When a mother is happy, family is happy. When the family is happy, the nation is happy."

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