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Monsters are better when they are fiction

It's a myth that monsters live under the bed. Do they? Of course, they don't! The next question is then where do they actually reside? You might have seen yourself getting jealous of people around you. Yes, right there is that monster. You might have seen yourself hating someone for valid as well as for not matching each other's vibe. Yes, there's that monster. You might have seen yourself being so mad at someone that you don't want to be all ears and take a moment of peace just to understand things happening around you. Yes, there's that monster. We are humans after all, we ain't some gadget who can do some automation and BOOM all the negative traits disappear. That's not possible for sure. Having them is not wrong either like come on it's a human tendency. That's how we work. But the problem arises when they get out of control. When anger turns into rage, when jealousy takes the form of being superior to the other, when hatred turns to abhor. When they overpower all your senses. We can't control our mind but to keep it peaceful and for our own mental peace we can practice meditation, yoga, music, dance, drawing and all those things which could help us to BE MORE OF HUMANS THAN MONSTER at least for the sake of humanity.

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