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Metamorphosis of Success

Success is a proven commonality in the goals of the majority of the human population, everyone strives for success in life but does the idea of success share a similitude in our minds as well? Success was defined to us by our parents and older generation, engraved as a serene picture onto young minds, one of acquiring a valuable education, getting a well-paid stable source of income which is preferably a nine to five, getting married, settling down and then providing for your family. This feels achievable only by an almost monotonous academic routine and toil which let us be honest, is not the path for many. Not having a knack in academics was equitable to be jinxed against doing good in life. Our generation has seemed to tear apart from this seemingly suffocating and stern outlook of success and created its own dynamic definition of what success is and can be. Being successful is now associated with hustling, going after something one is passionate about and finding fame rather than the conventional career paths that we are told when we enter high school. The emergence of social media and the spread of the web in all realms has ensured that there is enough work for everyone. Having a comfortable monetary source with fame and a good mental state, a much-needed addition is what is broadly accepted as successful today. This one simple change in the definition and perception of success has thankfully changed lives.

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