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Love over Everything

Expressing feelings is difficult. Don’t you feel the same? I’ve also heard people saying that one cannot express feelings in words, though I believe words can either destroy or enhance a relationship. Not everyone can read your inner thoughts through your eyes so, expressing through words is necessary. The conversation is the key to a healthy relationship, whether it is with parents, friends, or partners. However, it is more difficult for introverts. And if we talk about expressing by actions then there’s a completely different perspective by most of the youths. Humans mostly tend to express their feelings through money, like sending flowers to the loved one, surprising them with expensive gifts, dinner date at a high priced restaurant, or sending a long love paragraph; these things can be cute sometimes but show the real you to your loved one and feeling accepted is a more beautiful feeling. Preferring long walks over long drives, street food over expensive restaurant food, a long hug after a fight over gifts for apologizing, will help you find the real person who is possibly more interested in you than your money. Last but not least, be yourself and let the real person find you.

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01 de nov. de 2021



Pick some words and hear them talk.

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