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Look beyond your perception

There are so many things around us that we may not notice. Things that actually are more than just some mere ideas or objects. It’s not possible for anyone to see everything’s minute detail. The water that we consume has ages of caste and gender stigma attached to it, the area we live in has more than just the society or infrastructure that we live in, the behavior of people around us has more to do than our own perception. Everything around us comes from meaning and has its own story and we as humans often tend to personify it. In this chaotic hustle and bustle, it's so deeply rooted in our brains that it often goes unnoticed though it's right in front of our eyes. We are blindsided by the beliefs that were taught to us and grow with our perception till we actually start to think on our own, have our personal mindset, and decide to change. It is difficult to break through those chains that this society is jailed to but once all of us finally accept that, there is nothing stopping us. We still hang onto the beliefs of the old times that make no sense just for the sake of "respecting ancestors". There are some traditions and rituals that still hold very important values to date but the others which don't, we don't scrutinize it and raise our voices, just go with it. It's high time we break these boundaries and chains and learn to live on our own thoughts and points of view in a world that is more colorful than ever.

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