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Live with your Ethics

At such a tender age, we often misinterpret ethics, ethics are not just moral rules but also is the boundary which holds us through the wear and tear of greed, desire, and our unnecessary wants. The initial and the most important step is to decide the ethics. To do that you first need to learn what things, desires, greed’s and unnecessary want you are having. Once you get done with that make a list of your ethics which helps you to prevent them and keep you away from them. Being ethical you must keep one more bullet in your rules which say that you will never impose your ethics on others. When you get serious with your ethics, you have just got serious with life taking a step forward towards maturity as well as adulthood. We often fail to full fill our ethics, but that’s completely fine, one baby step at a moment. To stop trying only because you were not successful once is not helpful or wise at all. Climbing the stairs for the first time the taste of falling too gets you at least once, so take it as an experience and start the hustle again.

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Aastha Bhurani
Aastha Bhurani
Dec 09, 2021

absolutely relatable blog!!


Pick some words and hear them talk.

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