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Labeling themselves

Nowadays, many people are more into labeling themselves as depressed. These people are less concerned about what they are going through. Instead of examining their thoughts and feelings, They just wanna show people that they are depressed and going through hard times to gain attention. This is common in younger generations. I've seen people posting about how sad they are! It also impacts the other people who see it. The one who is reading your status or posts can have negative thoughts and starts feeling bad unnecessarily. Every mental illness is called psychosomatic (generated by your brain) so please stop labeling yourself otherwise time is not far when this pseudo label will turn into a real mental illness. Depression is a severe illness that needs proper treatment, support, and intervention by a mental health professional. It is not a symbol of honor or a way to get attention. Even faking depression can cause the person faking to become depressed. The misusage of depression should end but, that is unlikely. Millions of people want attention and will do just about anything for it, especially on social media. Spread positive vibes and examine your thoughts and emotions.

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