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Javelin Throw

Javelin is a track and field sport where an athlete throws a spear as far as possible after a small run-up to gain momentum. This originates from Ancient Greece has its origins in warfare, with this game arising from hunting and defense practices. This became a recognized sport in the twentieth century, leaving its warfare origins behind. The javelin should be held at the grip and thrown over the shoulder, and the back is not supposed to be in the direction of the throw. Javeline was decreed after some athletes started experimenting with a spin called "free style". Athletes use the runway to gain momentum for their throw, and the javelin is then thrown towards the area, creating an angle. A throw is considered legal only when the javelin's tip lands within the calculated area and penetrates the ground. The grip is the essential part of this game. The javelin rests on the palm and over the shoulder. It is also vital to increase speed while also maintains control during the run-up. It's dependent on good core strength. It revolves around how the arm and muscle movements are controlled. To be good at javelin, athletes have to train and practice for it and they need focus and passion to succeed. Javelin has been an indicator of physical strength and fitness since the mid-1900s. Javelin has recently gained popularity, particularly in South Asia.

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