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The role of nutrition in an athlete's life

I always thought I could eat junk food and other oily food whenever I wanted because I was doing physical exercise, but I was wrong; our diet plays a significant role in our performance. My coach always said to eat green and leafy vegetables and avoid oily food. I didn't understand that what he was trying to say until I saw a difference in my performance. Sports nutrition is a specialization within the field of nutrition that partners closely with the study of the human body and exercise science. It can be defined as daily applying nutrition knowledge to a practical daily eating plan providing the fuel for physical activity, facilitating the repair and building process following hard physical work and achieving athletic performance in competitive events while promoting overall health and wellness. An athlete challenges his body on a regular basis through physical training and competitions. In order to keep up with the requirements of his activity or sport, he requires enough fuel for his body on a basis. At the time of the final performance, an athlete is supposed to be well-nourished, uninjured, fit, focused and ready to compete. Nutritional and eating habits have been of specific interest in sports, especially given their impression on athletic performance. Therefore, if you want to perform best in your sports, you must take proper nutrition.

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