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Why can't I participate?

From 11th onwards, I had a keen interest in basketball and wanted to learn it in college, but shockingly, our college didn't have any women’s basketball team, and when the sports society organised coaching for basketball, I found that no girl except my friend and me was present there. Recognising that two girls couldn’t make the team for basketball, our coach dismissed us from coaching. So, now the question arises why girls don’t participate much in sports. First, lack of access. As we can see that our coach denied us; he could have asked us to continue with the boy's team. Research shows girls have 1.3 million fewer opportunities to play high school sports than boys. Second, Safety and transportation issues. Sports require a place to participate, and for many girls, especially in dense urban environments, that means travelling to facilities through unsafe neighbourhoods or the coach being a pervert, because of which girls find themselves unsafe in sportswear. Third and also one of the major reasons. Lack of positive role models in this age of the internet, which fully works around social validation and definition; therefore, it was difficult for a girl to break the stereotype of the ideal girl and participate in sports and healthy physical activity; the results may lead girls to drop out altogether. Recognizing and addressing these factors can create inclusive and empowering environments that encourage girls to engage in sports.

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