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It's not a Cartoon, it's Anime

Hey, do you watch anime? You must have heard this question from anyone until now, if not here you go. So, what is anime, and why it is so famous? Anime is an abbreviation of the word Animation. Internationally, anime is referred to as animation that is produced in Japan. Anime is considered a part of Japan’s cultural heritage, and Japan is known to treasure and preserves its traditions. Hand-drawn anime includes a process that has been handed down for decades, and it is with this process that anime grew to be loved around the world, isn’t it interesting? Anime is Japan’s third-biggest industry. This means that it is a major source of employment for local artists and that thousands of people rely on it for their livelihood. Some of the famous anime which you may have heard are Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, and Naruto. Every 90s kid must have heard about these anime. There are so many new anime that are so popular nowadays. Anime is not only entertaining, but it teaches us so many things. It has so unique and interesting character and it is so relatable. Not the storylines specifically, but just because something is animated, doesn’t mean it can be realistic or relatable. Most anime will harbor serious moral philosophies from real-life situations. And things like decision-making, the ability to overcome loss, and the importance of familial relationships form the cornerstone of almost any anime you watch.

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