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It's all in the Mind

An old lady told me a story about baskets. Two baskets were sold by a weaver, one was filled with flowers and the other with garbage. One with flowers developed a sweet fragrance, and the one with garbage developed a terrible stench. When baskets were emptied, the fragrance stayed, and so did the stench. Our minds are like baskets too. It smells according to what we fill it with. This story makes us all realize one thing, the content we consume daily shapes who we become. What we see and consume is how we act in every situation. So, we should be mindful of what we absorb from our surroundings! But should also not forget that after one point the scent of the flower goes away too! After some point, every flower requires a substitute or, it'll become a terrible stench too. Every mind just like every mind requires constant change to survive and become the best version or smell of itself. Even in a basket of garbage, the stinky garbage can be replaced by lovely-smelling flowers. When replaced with the correct flowers, the stench can become a fragrance, and a person with bad thoughts can become the best person to have around.

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