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It never stops. Does it?

Overthinking. Where u might struggle to make your decisions. And a slow poison to many of us. Not any less dangerous than a cigarette. But why does it happen? Doing both cigarettes and overthink will sum up to a really short life. But if u see, both of them lead you to mind, one I’ve heard from a lot of people who used to smoke a lot and a person or a particular situation made them quit cigarettes; but overthinking is something that increases because of a person or any situation. So where does it end exactly? Can some distractions end it? Do we really want to end it? We read such beautiful quotes depicting how beautiful and strong we are, almost daily. But we still overthink because somewhere deep inside we’re used to it. It is a part of our daily life. And now we know how difficult it will be to end this so we don’t put enough effort but if we’re firm about letting it go then we definitely can. A great way is to read or watch positive and self-help books/videos. Involve yourself so much into yourself that no bad thoughts or people can affect you. This is what I did to be a calmer person. Also in this process don’t stop being kind.

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