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Is he/she the right one?

Do you remember the first day of your school? You might not remember much of it but let's rebuilt that day. Your parents drop you at the gate of your school and ask you to go ahead. You take little steps with the fear of the unknown and looking at the door to see your parents saying 'Goodbye'. You enter your classroom and randomly pick a place to sit on a bench. You're eagerly waiting for the school hours to end and to get back to your parents. This same cycle repeats for 2-3 days and then you realize that a person is sitting next to you. You start chatting until you both become Friends. As time passes the person sitting next to you becomes your best friend.

So when we walked into class we didn't decide to sit next to the smartest, brightest, or fairest student in your class. This is because we accepted that person with all his/her good and bad qualities. And we didn't have any expectations about how he or she should be. The best is to imply some childhood life lessons now. And never let a child in you fade away.

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Mar 30, 2021

Woww! What a great thought explained in so simple language. Amazing!!


Pick some words and hear them talk.

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