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I am done

It was around 3 am. I got up from my bed recklessly and stood in front of the mirror. In a moment or few, my image in the mirror said, "Oh here you are after so long, what's bothering you now? I wonder why you complain so often about the mistakes you made in past. You need to take a chill pill. Doesn't matter how much I advise you, you are still going to be the same people pleaser. " To which I replied, "Come on stop messing with. I know that there have been thousands of nights when I cried in front of you but this time I am here to tell you about my DO HECK WITH EVERY DAMN THING THAT'S BOTHERING ME STAGE. My pasts make me is what I always believed but now it's time to modify it to 'MY PAST MAKES ME A BETTER PERSON. I am so done with giving my past and future the power to destroy what I have today. I don't know what will come to me in the future but I assure myself that I am not going to think and stress upon the WHAT ifs. What people will say, where this decision will lead me, what will happen if I do this and that, and whatever. I AM JUST DONE. "Looks like someone's improving. Honestly, I am happy for you. You are finally thinking to live for yourself and in the very moment than thinking how things could go wrong. I love you. Make sure you cherish them all.", said my image.

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24 juin 2021



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