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Hologram- The Future

Holograms are virtual three-dimensional images created by the interference of light beam that reflects real physical objects. The development of hologram technology began in 1962. The hologram preserves the depth, parallax, and other properties of the original item. Unlike conventional 3D projections, a hologram can be seen with the naked eye. In 1947 Dennis Gabor- a Hungarian British physicist developed today's modern hologram theory while working on an electron microscope. Holograms can form an exact 3D clone of the object and duplicate its feature. Currently, this technology is available but we have to use glasses or projectors to use it. Although, in the future, you can use it without these gadgets by using Leap motion. We have seen in movies, how Tony stark represents his suit's designs and gadgets through amazing interference and holographic technology by using his fingers and voice only. Holography served as an inspiration for many video games with science fiction elements. These days this technology is widely used in the gaming world, science fiction movies, books, and many more. In the coming era, it brings a big revolution in the field of marketing also, many companies like Microsoft using this in their advertisement to attract more audiences. It's going to change the future world, so be ready to experience something amazing.

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