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Heaven for Indians

Being a chai (tea) enthusiast takes me back to my childhood. Where my maa (mother) used to say "chai is not for kids, it will make your skin darker ". Listening to that I never had it till I was 14. But when I first tasted this heaven, its aroma the earthy taste was all I wanted to have to feel better. Tea (popularly known as chai in India and many places) is brewed black milk tea mixed with aromatic spices with a tint of ginger and cardamom making it complete. There are many different types of tea; some have bitter and astringent flavors while others have vastly different profiles that include sweet and grassy flavors. To the people of India, chai is more than just a simple cup of tea. It connects people to their heritage and many habitual comforts. Who knew something simple as a cup of chai would sew so many hearts together. It's not about how your day goes, it's about how you start it. We have seen a lot of coffee dates, have you ever been on a chai date?

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