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Happiness Comes from Within

“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness

Who doesn’t want to be happy? Though everyone defines it differently, most commonly, it is a state of joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment, a positive feeling. We might not usually connect food and happiness, but they are highly connected. This is not true only for foodies as good food satisfies the nutritional and psychological needs of our body too. Our food habits are influenced by social, cultural, religious, and environmental factors. We never think about food as the essential fuel, which connects our body, mind, and soul. We have to be very conscious about choosing our food type and time which match our body type and need. Nowadays we concentrate more on ‘’styling” the food, rather than being conscious about our intake. Sattvik food being pure and life-giving, develops, replaces, and repairs cells and tissues, produces energy, protects and recovers from illness, and removes toxins. It promotes health, vitality, strength, and relaxation. For those who are wondering, Sattvik itself means pure, and it includes fresh fruits and juices, vegetables and herbs, seeds and nuts and whole grains, etc. This food is easy to digest and directly influences our thoughts, health, and mental well-being. Let us take a step forward and change our food habits to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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16 nov 2021

Yess! Food habits play a crucial role...

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