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Growth - A Lesson to Remember

Everything grows at its own pace and time. This is what my teacher told me when my flower wouldn't bloom as others did. It was back then when I was in 6th standard that we were assigned to grow a flower. Like everyone I sow the seed with the hope that someday it will turn into a beautiful flower. But it didn't. I was disappointed. I end up questioning myself, "Did I do anything wrong? Didn't I provide it with enough sunlight and water?". Many such questions kept rising inside my brain and were creating havoc. Frustrated I went to my teacher seeking an answer. She smiled at me and said," look around yourself. Do you think every tree here was planted here at the same time, Nope. " Then she again questioned me " Do you think copper pod and Neem tree have taken some time to grow this big?" "Nope" She continued asking me a couple of questions and slowly and gradually I did seek an answer. Honestly speaking that incident left an everlasting impact on me. I will forever cherish that moment. It made me realize the true meaning of growth. Everyone is different and everyone requires different input. To put it more clearly Canna flower needs more water for survival whereas Portulaca can survive without water for days. We often feel like we are lagging and are not growing at a pace like others. But we are growing at our own pace. Give time because someone did say Good things take time.

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