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Growing the Love

"Growing your Food is like Printing your own Currency."

Our kitchen is always full of grains, pulses, fruits, veggies, spices, etc. We make a lot of recipes using them according to our taste. The major learning from this pandemic is complete fitness by yoga, exercise, meditation, healthy diet, etc. to boost our immunity. I am sure, most of us must have included this in our daily routine by now. But now, here is a new question: Can you judge the nutrients and quality of food just by seeing them in the market? Nowadays, food adulteration is in practice. The quality of the food which we purchase from the market is very much compromised. Many harmful chemical pesticides and fertilizers are used in farming today. During the 1st lockdown, I realized this and joined some groups on WhatsApp. I got inspired by them and started growing vegetables at my home in pots. I still remember the happiness of my first shoot of tomato plant that came out of the soil, and my journey of joy began with some failures and experiments. We can grow many vegetables, fruits, and medicinal plants at home on the balcony or in your backyard as per available space. A single bite of own grown food is a blessing! When you grow your food, you are in control of every step like seed selection, soil, manure, water, pest management, and many more. It is the best activity to connect with nature.

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