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Greetings from Greece

Famous tales and parables from Greece have always caught both our ears and our interests. As someone who's a philhellene - a friend who loves Greek, I have had immense interest in Greek mythology. Isn't it fabulous how their tales have answers to so many things we observe even in the present date?! From constellations to spiders to mint! Greek mythology is rightfully famous for these tales, which are short, impactful, and very interesting. These are easier for us to remember and pass down the generations, which is how we still know so much about these myths. Greek cuisine is made of fine vines, vegetables, meat, olive oil, and wheat-like most of the Mediterranean dishes. Greece is short on arable land and thus, the Greek cuisine comprises Fresh fish dishes and seafood majorly. One more thing we love about Greece is its beautiful sights. The city offers so much for tourists. Greece is very popular for its clean beaches, architecture, and its ancient sites. Greece has about 1400 islands and islets, however, a large number of them are still not inhabited. These islands and beaches make Greece extremely beautiful. It is very tourist friendly with none to the minimal crime rate. What is one famous tale you love from Greek mythology? Let us know in the comments!

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