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Grandparents become Parents

Who was your best friend when you were a child? For me, it was my grandparents. I used to spend most of the time with them and it was so fantastic that I am not able to express it in words. We used to play, eat, read stories, go on outings, and do a lot more stuff together, and I can’t even remember being sad around them. I still remember when my friends came over to my house to play with my toys, but my grandma had them because she didn’t want other children to play with them and break them. And my grandpa had a scooter, which he used to take me on rides, and we just roamed around the city. As time passed, this touch, this happiness faded away. Now that the world has become fast, we try to keep up with it, but we forget our grandparents. We forget that it’s hard for them to cope with everything around them. We grow up and find new friends. We spend a lot of time with them, but what about them? Their only best friends are us. Sometimes I see my grandparents making each other laugh, but I think they’re just trying to cover their loneliness behind those laughs. So just once in a day, give them a smile or have a small conversation with them, and that will make their whole day precious because when you are born, they become parents again.

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