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Good Food Is Wise Medicine

Eat food as medicine or eat medicine as food - the choice is ours.

Does anyone like taking medicines, treatments, or getting hospitalized? Nobody does. But when we fall ill, we have no choice other than to undergo various treatments. We can avoid or minimize these hazards from our life by simply following good food habits and a healthy lifestyle. What you choose to eat has profound effects on your health. Certain research shows that dietary habits influence the risk associated with diseases. Many nutrients in food promote good health and protect our bodies from diseases. Lousy lifestyle and food habits are the root cause of almost all diseases. We should avoid using polished and processed food, preservatives and additives, high sugary drinks, fast food etc. Plant-based and less processed food strengthens your health. We should include whole grains and increase intake of fruits and vegetables, beneficial fats etc. in our daily routine. This food acts as a medicine to heal, protect our body, and boost the immune system. For a disease-free, medicine-free, healthy, divine and long life, we should be choosy for every single bite. It promotes various health benefits like having more energy, better skin, improved digestion, and more positive changes. We should understand, follow and respect the power of pure and safe food, which Mother Nature provides us in abundance unconditionally. Design your plate, maintaining a perfect balance between raw food and cooked food to improve your gut health!

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